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Coming in April: Level 4 Stand up Booth


We currently have 1  Level 1  lay down bed running

Single tan: $8

5 tans: $32

10 tans: $ 64

Monthly membership $60

You will need to fill out a skin type questionnaire form prior to your 1st tan, then once yearly, and you will need to  fill out a daily tanning check in form prior to each tanning session. These forms will be sent via text along with your appointment confirmation

Our level 1  tanning bed is a 20 minute max bed .This is the best bed for establishing your base tan. It has more UVB rays , penetrates only the top layer of skin , may redden or burn , creates a great base tan , faster but lighter tan , creates a gradual tan . Great for those beginning to tan or those looking to develop their base.

The Bronzing Bed, it is the best choice for those who already have a base . This is a 15 min bed with triple bronzers on one end . Bronzing beds use more UVA rays , penetrate deeper into the skin , browns melanocytes , produces a deep brown tan , longer lasting tan ,Great for experienced tanners .

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