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Our Story

At Zensational Salon We Care About Our Guests

Our Mission

Welcome to Zensational Salon, where we are dedicated to providing our clients with a fun, relaxed, and comfortable salon experience with great vibes. Our diverse and talented salon professionals are committed to ensuring that you have an unforgettable visit. Come and indulge in our services and leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Our Craft

We are a collaborative group of independent stylists, and nail artists working together in a full service salon setting. We offer a wide range of hair services along with waxing, nails and tanning 

Our Story

      Una established Zensational Salon in October of 2013 in a very small 250 sq ft building on 2nd street. 

We are now at our 3rd location and currently we have 3 independent stylists, 1 independent nail artist, a waxing specialist and 3 tanning beds.

We try our best to use as low toxic of products we can while still being able to provide exceptional results you're used to seeing in your services to ensure your health as well as our own.


         Our vow is to continue growing professionally, we all take classes and continue to learn new services, skills and techniques to give you the best services that suit your style and needs. 

Salon Tour

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