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   1st time blonding guests will want to book a pre-consultation prior to booking a blonding service. 
   Many factors contribute to whether or not we can achieve your desired look including past color history & current health of your hair . 
  Often times blonding will take multiple appointments to achieve your desired look. 
    We always recommend adding our bond-builder to  your formula to protect your hair from the damage that can occur during the lightening process .
     We also recommend adding a toner to your service to achieve your desired shade .
     A good salon brand Shampoo and Conditioner are recommended as well . 
     Blonding services come with a commitment from you to re-book and have your new growth done every 4-6 weeks . 

Full Head Blonding  $200 + per session
Toner                         $25
Bond-Builder            $30
Consultation            Complentary

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